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1940's Essay

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~1940s Entertainment~
1940s movies NOW ARE VERY dramatic and nice to watch with the family. Bert Lahr from the movie “the wizard of oz” played the lion without courage. I found that funny because lions are courageous, brave, and strong. Billie burke, also a wizard of oz character, played the good witch of the north. She helped Dorothy get to the wizard so she can get back to her home in Kansas. Judy garland, the character of Dorothy, was a young girl who cared much ...view middle of the document...

1940s music now is so soothing and very enjoyable. Louis Armstrong was a jazz musician who played jazz music on his trumpet. He was well known for his distinctive singing voice. Cab calloway was a jazz scatter of the 1940s. he was referred to as the “hi de ho” guy of the 1940s. dizzy Gillespie was known for his puffy cheeks. But he was in the music business as a jazz trumpeter or trumpet player.

~1940s fashion~
1940s fashion now Is so Fashionable And In Style. We Have all you can think of hats that will suit your taste, coats that will blow you away, and shoes that will blow your mind. Our fashion coats are made of what you can think of wool, fox fur, leather, etc. now our hats are so comfortable and relaxing to you heads, you will enjoy them some much that you will forget you were even wearing them. Finally, the important things are the shoes. These shoes are so beautiful, sassy, and comfortable. These shoes will blow your mind when you see them, but most importantly when you put them on.

~america at war~
The war in this time was caused because of the bombing of pearl harbor. That caused world war ii or wwii. During this time franklin d. Roosevelt or fdr was the president. He was being elected into his third term as president when Britain was being bombed by Germany.

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