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陳多壽生死夫妻 Essay

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There are 3 potential threats of hk subdivided flats.

The first one is related to building code violations. Original partition walls are frequently removed from flats in order to make room for many new non-loadbearing walls. These new walls add to the stress on floors and loadbearing walls, threatening the structural integrity of entire buildings. Hong Kong’s Buildings Department conducted an investigation on collapsed building ,it listed several contributing factors to the building’s structural failure, additional loading due to flat subdivision on all upper floors is one of the cause of it.

The second one is Fire Safety Violations. Amongst the obvious consequences from overlooking ...view middle of the document...

Besides sub-divided flats in HK, let us jump out of our hometown to look at tiny flats in foreign countries.

First let us investigate tiny flats in Tokyo, capital of Japan and one of the most crowded cities in the world. Tiny flats in Tokyo are called Locker-room apartments. They are named as “Coffin” by foreign mass media, after a crew had a direct observation during a field trip. Based on this description, it is predictable that their sizes would be extremely small, and this is the true case. Their areas range only from 50 to 75 square feet, with dimensions of about 2 metre long and 90 cm tall only. Although they are extremely small in size, the rent is not low though. On average it costs $55,000 Yen per month, which is equivalent to HK$3,600, including heat and electricity. Being the major tenant, Japanese young people are willing to tolerate living in such a tiny space in order to minimize expenses, as they simply just want to find a shelter to stay at night. In each apartment, each room is further divided into 6 sub-rooms. Tenants have to share kitchen and bathroom. The hygienic conditions are worried. Inside each room, the limited space is just enough to put a pillow and blanket, a small television and a refrigerator.

Next we shall focus on the other side of the Earth, London, capital of England. A report suggests that houses in England are the smallest among countries in Western Europe. That’s why there are views that living in tiny flats is just like locking in the prison cell. Tiny flats are called shoebox houses. Their sizes range from 50 to 120 square feet, but unexpectedly monthly rental is very high. It costs 700 to 800 pounds per month, which is equivalent to around HK$10,000 to rent a tiny flat in London. In fact, property price of England has increased by 20% annually, which makes many people become unaffordable to buy a normal flat, not to mention the additional effect of housing shortage problem. Another point to consider is that British laws merely requires flats to comply with hygienic standards only, nothing related to area of flats is being concerned. Compact is a word to conclude the situation in each flat. Externally, when you look out of the windows, what you see is just bricks and walls of the neighbouring building. Internally, furniture is densely placed, which usually includes a sofa, a basin, a wardrobe or cupboard and a refrigerator. One thing to highlight is that the distance between the loft bed and the ceiling is just 2 feet, it is impossible to sit on the bed! Yet, these kinds of houses are seemed to be quite...

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